Annals of Telecommunications

by annales

Open Topics

Vol. 64, n° 11-12, November-December 2009

– Aggregated traffic flow weight controlled hierarchical MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks; M. Abdur Razzaque, M. Mamun-Or-Rashid, Muhammad Mahbub Alam, and Choong Seon Hong
– Energy conserving security mechanisms for wireless sensor networks; Md. Abdul Hamid, Choong Seon Hong
– A new authenticated group key agreement in a mobile environment; Cheng-Chi Lee, Tsung-Hung Lin, Chwei-Shyong Tsai
– About minimum distance for QPP interleavers; Daniela Tarniceriu, Lucian Trifina, Valeriu Munteanu
– Analytical EVM, BER, and TD performances of the OFDM systems in the presence of jointly nonlinear distortion and IQ imbalance; Hassan Zareian, Vahid Tabataba Vakili
– Gaussian beam launching for 3D physical modeling of propagation channels; Anca Fluerasu, Christine Letrou
– Adaptive channel reservation for call admission control to support prioritized soft handoff calls in a cellular CDMA system; Kuo-Chung Chu, Lun-Ping Hung, Frank Yeong-Sung Lin
– Improved Nyquist filter characteristics using spline interpolation; Alexandra Ligia Onofrei, Nicolae Dumitru Alexandru,
– Comparison of secure spread-spectrum modulations applied to still image watermarking; Benjamin Mathon, Patrick Bas, François Cayre, Benoît Macq Continue reading