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Vol. 68, n° 11-12, November-December 2013
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Guest editors
Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Télécom ParisTech-LTCI/CNRS,  France
Frédéric Dufaux,
Télécom ParisTech-LTCI/CNRS,  France
Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL, Switzerland
Shipeng Li, Microsoft, China


Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Frédéric Dufaux, Touradj Ebrahimi, Shipeng Li

Camera array image rectification and calibration for stereoscopic and autostereoscopic displays

Vincent Nozick
Gaspard Monge Institute, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France

Abstract This paper presents an image rectification method for an arbitrary number of views with aligned camera center. This paper also describes how to extend this method to easily perform a robust camera calibration. These two techniques can be used for stereoscopic rendering to enhance the perception comfort or for depth from stereo.» Read the summary

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