Annals of Telecommunications

by annales

Open Topics

Vol. 70, n° 5-6, May-June 2015

– DWT-IDWT-based MB-OFDM UWB with digital down converter and digital up converter for power line communication in the frequency band of 50 to 578 MHz; Kalaivani Ramanathan and N. J. R. Muniraj
– Joint cumulant estimate correction and decision for cooperative modulation classification by using multiple sensors; Goran B. Markovic and Miroslav L. Dukic
– A maximally radio-disjoint geographic multipath routing protocol for MANET; Ping Dong, Huanyan Qian, Kai Zhou, Weidi Lu and Shaohua Lan
– Joint distributions for total lengths of shortest-path trees in telecommunication networks; David Neuhäuser, Christian Hirsch, Catherine Gloaguen and Volker Schmidt
– A d-dimensional irregular compact interleaver design for turbo code; Sefouane Chellali and Fatima Chouireb
– A user-centric game selection model based on user preferences for the selection of the best heterogeneous wireless network; Yass K. Salih, Ong Hang See, Rabha W. Ibrahim, Salman Yussof and Azlan Iqbal
– Availability analysis of shared backup path protection under multiple-link failure scenario in WDM networks; Mohamed Mostafa A. Azim and Muhammad Nomani Kabir
– WLAN planning: Separate and joint optimization of both access point placement and channel assignment; Abdelhak Farsi, Nadjib Achir and Khaled Boussetta Continue reading