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Vol. 72, n° 1-2, January-February 2017
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Guest editors

Nadjib Aistaadi, ESIEE Paris, France
Raouf Boutaba
, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada
Yutaka Takahashi
, University of Kyoto, Japan


Cloudification of the Internet of Things

Nadjib Aistaadi, Raouf Butaba, Yutaka Takahashi

Information-centric sensor networks for cognitive IoT: an overview

Fadi M. Al-Turjman

Departement of Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, Turkey

Abstract Information-centric sensor networks (ICSNs) are a paradigm of wireless sensor networks that focus on delivering information from the network based on user requirements, rather than serving as a point-to-point data communication network.» Read the summary

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