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Vol. 62, n° 5-6, May-June 2007
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Guest editors
Jean-Louis de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, GET/ENST Bretagne, France
Ioannis Tomkos, Athens Information Technology Center, Greece
Michel Joindot, France Télécom R&D, France


Jean-Louis de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, Ioannis Tomkos, Michel Joindot

WDM transmissions exploiting optical phase conjugation

Xuefeng TANG, Zongyan WU

GET/ENST Bretagne, UMR CNRS6082-Foton, Optics Department, CS 83818, 29238 Brest, France

Abstract Due to the frequency shift occurring in the process of optical phase conjugation (OPC) generation, the application of OPC in multiple-channel transmission is limited severely by the third-order dispersion. In this paper, taking into account the influence of the frequency shift and the compensation of nonlinear effects, we present an effective method to optimize the dispersion map for broad-band transmissions using optical phase conjugation.» Read the summary

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