Introducing our newest Associate Editor: Laura Draetta (Télécom Paris, Eurecom) (1/21/2020) - Laura Draetta is an Associate Professor in sociology at Télécom Paris (Campus SophiaTech, Eurecom). She joined the Area 5 – Telecommunications and the digital society – which is supervised by Patrick Waelbroeck (Télécom Paris, IP Paris, France), in 2019. Annals of Telecommunications: What were your motivations to join the Board? Laura Draetta: In 2018, I […]
500th issue in 2019! (12/19/2019) - 2019 is noteworthy for volume 74 of the Annals of Telecommunications, in which the 500th issue was published. An important milestone in the life of our journal, which stands as the longest-running journal in its category. The executive board would like to express its gratitude to all who have made this possible: our long-established board […]
Enrico Natalizio (professor, LORIA lab) has joined the Board (12/12/2019) - Enrico Natalizio is a full professor at the LORIA lab (Université de Lorraine, France). His research covers the following fields: Robot and UAV networks, mobile networks, and the IoT. As of September 2018, he has joined the Board of our journal, as an Associate Editor of the Area 3 – Communications Networks – handled by […]