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Vol. 66, n° 7-8, July-August 2011
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Guest editors
Joe Wiart, Orange Labs, France
Luk Arnault, Imperial College, UK
Walid Tabbara, Supélec, France

Statistics for management of complexity in electromagnetism

Joe Wiart1, Luk Arnaut2, Walid Tabbara3
1 Orange Labs, France
2 Imperial College, UK
3 Supélec, France

Joined initiatives around uncertainty management, Generic methodologies, mathematical challenges, and numerical implementations

Fabien Mangeant and EADS Innovation Works
EADS, Suresnes, France

Abstract – Uncertainty in context-aware computing is mainly a consequence of the complexity of context acquisition mechanisms and context processing. The presence of uncertainty may harm the users’ confidence in the application, rendering it useless.» Read the summary

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