Annals of Telecommunications

by annales

Open Topics

Vol. 67, n° 11-12, November-December 2012

– An AHP-based resource management scheme for CRRM in heterogeneous wireless networks; Choongyong Shin, Jinsung Cho, Jeong Geun Kim and Ben Lee
– An autonomic mobility management solution for the future wireless Internet; Meriem Abid, Daniel F. Macedo, Javier Rubio-Loyola and Guy Pujolle
– Reduced complexity decoding of convolutional codes based on the M-algorithm and the minimal trellis; Richard Demo Souza , Cecilio Pimentel and Daiana Nascimento Muniz
– A pairing-free identity-based authenticated group key agreement protocol for imbalanced mobile networks; SK Hafizul Islam and G. P. Biswas
– Some experimental investigations in the WiMAX band and comparison of propagation models in mixed urban environments of Western India; Chhaya Dalela , M. V. S. N. Prasad and P. K. Dalela
– Rain-induced attenuation for Ku-band satellite communications in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Penang; Renuka Nalinggam, Widad Ismail and J. S. Mandeep
– EBvN: efficient BvN in multi-fiber/multi-wavelength overlaid-star optical networks; Akbar Ghaffarpour Rahbar
– Capacity analysis of distributed antenna systems in MIMO Nakagami fading multicell environment; Xiangbin Yu, Ying Yang, Mingqi Li and Ming Chen Continue reading