Annals of Telecommunications

by annales

Open Topics

Vol. 69, n° 5-6, May-June 2014

– Improved method for searching interleavers from a certain set using Garello’s method with applications for the LTE standard; Lucian Trifina, Daniela Tarniceriu
– Security analysis of two lightweight RFID authentication protocols; Wang Shao-hui, Han Zhijie, Liu Sujuan and Chen Dan-wei
– Jitter analysis of an IPP tagged traffic stream in an {IPP,M}/M/1 queue; Geza Geleji and Harry Perros
– Electrical stochastic modeling of cell for bio-electromagnetic compatibility applications; Sébastien Lalléchère, Pierre Bonnet, and Françoise Paladian
– Hardware realization of the robust time–frequency distributions; Nikola Žarić, Srdjan Stanković and Zdravko Uskoković
– Performance evaluation of an efficient reduced-complexity time synchronization approach for OFDM systems; Leïla Nasraoui, Leïla Najjar Atallah and Mohamed Siala
– Adaptive surface extraction from anisotropic volumetric data: contouring on generalized octrees; Ricardo Uribe Lobello, Florence Denis and Florent Dupont Continue reading