Annals of Telecommunications

by annales

Open Topics

Vol. 69, n° 9-10, September-October 2014

– Compact notch loaded half disk patch antenna for dualband operation; Ashish Singh, Jamshed Aslam Ansari, Kumari Kamakshi, Anurag Mishra and Mohammad Aneesh
– Impact of IPv4-IPv6 coexistence in cloud virtualization environment; Mohammad Aazam, and Eui-Nam Huh
– Semi-blind amplify-and-forward in two-way relaying networks; Wided Hadj Alouane, Noureddine Hamdi, and Soumaya Meherzi
– A modified PSO technique using heterogeneous boundary conditions for broadband compact microstrip antenna designing; S. Kibria, M. T. Islam, B. Yatim, and R. Azim
– Combination of fast Fourier transform and self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm for synthesis of phase-only reconfigurable rectangular array antenna; Anirban Chatterjee, and G. K. Mahanti
– An efficiently implementable maximum likelihood decoding algorithm for tailbiting codes; Jorge Ortín, Paloma García Dúcar, Fernando Gutiérrez, and Antonio Valdovinos
– On the energy efficiency of base station cooperation under limited backhaul capacity; Mireille Sarkiss and Mohamed Kamoun
– Robust antenna array calibration and accurate angle estimation based on least trimmed squares; J. Khodjaev, B.-Y. Chang, and J. H. Lee
– Compressive slow-varying wideband power spectrum sensing for cognitive radio; Yipeng Liu and Qun Wan Continue reading