Annals of Telecommunications

by annales

Open Topics

Vol. 70, n° 7-8, July-August 2015

– Congestion dispersion in device-to-device discovery for proximity-based services; Sueng Jae Bae, Jaheon Gu, Syed Faraz Hasan, Min Young Chung
– Elasticity in cloud computing: a survey; Emanuel Ferreira Coutinho, Flávio Rubens de Carvalho Sousa, Paulo Antonio Leal Rego, Danielo Gonçalves Gomes, José Neuman de Souza
– Uplink spectrum resource allocation in heterogeneous networks (small cell/macrocell); Mncedisi Bembe, Jeongchan Kim, Martin Mhlanga, Jae Jeung Rho, Youngnam Han
– Multimedia content delivery trigger in a mobile network to reduce the peak load; Eduardo Andrès Celis Muñoz, Fabrice Le Denmat, Arnaud Morin, Xavier Lagrange
– Internet capacity: optimizing autonomous system inbound traffic using specialist knowledge as support for decision-making; Márcio A. de Deus, Paulo H. P. Carvalho, João Paulo Leite
– Interference and SINR coverage in spatial non-slotted Aloha networks; Barłomiej Błaszczyszyn, Paul Mühlethaler
– Priority levels based multi-hop broadcasting method for vehicular ad hoc networks; Wahabou Abdou, Benoît Darties, Nader Mbarek Continue reading