Annals of Telecommunications

by annales

Open Topics

Vol. 71, n° 5-6, May-June 2016

– Multi-layer coding strategy for multi-hop block fading channels with outage probability;
Simin Keykhosravi, Soroush Akhlaghi
– A statistical trust system in wireless mesh networks;
Rida Khatoun, Youcef Begriche, Juliette Dromard, Lyes Khoukhi, Ahmed Serhrouchni
– Interaction of electromagnetic waves with a resistive half-plane;
Yusuf Z. Umul
– On the benefits of location-based relay selection in mobile wireless networks;
Jimmy J. Nielsen, Tatiana K. Madsen, Hans-Peter Schwefel
– Calculation of packet jitter for non-poisson traffic;
H. Dbira, A. Girard, B. Sansò
– Quantized lower bounds on grid-based localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks;
Aws Al-Qaisi, A. I. Alhasanat, Abdelwadood Mesleh, B. S. Sharif, C. C. Tsimenidis, J. A. Neasham
– Exact outage analysis of a decode-and-forward cooperative communication network with Nth best energy harvesting relay selection;
Pham Ngoc Son, Hyung Yun Kong, Alagan Anpalagan
– Generalized diversity combining of energy harvesting multiple antenna relay networks: outage and throughput performance analysis;
Sang Quang Nguyen, Hyung Yun Kong Continue reading