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Vol. 60, n° 5-6, May-June 2005

– Anonymous and Secure Electronic Transaction protocol; Srecko Brlek, Sardaouna Hamadou, John Mullins
– Distributed mapping of the internet topology; Mickaël Hoerdt, Damien Magoni
– A multi-protocol and multi-service validation platform – experimentation results; Pierre Combes,Wei Monin, Ana Cavalli, Amel Mederreg, Fatiha Zaïdi, Richard Castanet, Marcien Mackaya, Patrice Laurençot
– IP-based transport of voice traffic in the UMTS radio access network: analytical study and empirical validation; Abedellatif Samhat , Tijani Chahed, Mehdi Sabeur
– Expressions of the field diffracted by an inclusion; Jean-Michel L. Bernard, Daniel Bouche, Ivan Andronov, Frédérik Guyon
– Experimental comparison of stochastic MIMO channel models; Jean-François Pardonche, Marion Berbineau, Christophe Seguinot
– Robust Time-Frequency Distributions based on the robust Short Time Fourier Transform; Igor Djurovic, LJubis¡a Stankovic, Braham Barkat
– Study of the short pulse generation of the three quarter wave shift DFB laser (3QWS-DFB); Abdelkarim Zatni, Mohamed Elha, Abdallah Rhattoy, Ammar Sharaiha, Jean Le Bihan
– MPNT: a multi-protocolar broadcasting architecture; Karim Sbata, Rédouane Benaini, Pierre Vincent
– Optimized trellis coded vector quantization of speech coder LSF parameters; Merouane Bouzid, Amar Djeradi
– LDPC-based space-time coded OFDM systems: Turbo-EM receiver design with channel state information guessing algorithms; Guillaume Ferré, Mohamad Jamalullil Syed, Jean-Pierre Cances, Vahid Meghdadi, Jean-Michel Dumas

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