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Vol. 73, n° 05-06, May-June 2018

– An iterative heuristic approach for channel and power allocation in wireless networks
Giovanna Garcia, et al.
– Video conference in the fog: an economical approach based on enterprise desktop grid
Roman Sorokin, et al.
– Efficient and viable intersection-based routing in VANETs on top of a virtualization layer
Martin López-Nores, et al.
– Outage probability of macrodiversity reception in the presence of Gamma long-term fading, Rayleigh short-term fading and Rician co-channel interference
Dragana Krstić, et al.
– Secure communication via an energy-harvesting untrusted relay with imperfect CSI
Hyung Yun Kong, et al.
– A dynamic harmony search-based fuzzy clustering protocol for energy-efficient wireless sensor networks
Osama Alia
– Cost estimation of a fixed network deployment over an urban territory
Elie Cali, et al.
– Secure multiuser MISO communication systems with limited feedback link
Berna Özbek, et al.
– Joint sensing time and power allocation in cognitive networks with amplify-and-forward cooperation
Shunling Ruan, et al.
– High-performance software implementations of SCAN decoder for polar codes
Bertrand Le Gal, et al.

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